“Job lined up early on”


“Confidence to interact”


Olivier has many options when it comes to learning and development. Still, to live his dream, he deliberately chose Vlerick. “I studied finance at KU Leuven, but strategy is my real passion. My Masters in International Management and Strategy (MIMS) is a great combination of strategy and international business.

“Another reason I chose Vlerick is the focus on soft skills. You also learn how to work in a group, with a lot of people from different cultures. You learn how to give a presentation and conduct negotiations – fantastic. Last but not least, you also learn how to apply it all in the real world, through case studies, deep dives and an in-company project. And I already had a job lined up early on in the academic year. I applied to several companies in October, but Boston Consulting Group was the perfect fit. I’m really looking forward to it!”


After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in English literature and teaching English for two years, Xinying was awarded a scholarship after achieving an excellent GMAT score. “Vlerick applies the same fees for local and international students, unlike other business schools, which charge international students a lot more. That makes Vlerick not only accessible but also open to diversity.

“Having said that, coming to Vlerick was a real shock for me. In China, you simply listen to the teacher. Here, they want you to speak up. These past few months have really transformed me. Now I have the confidence to interact with the teachers, my fellow students and even the scholarship donors. It’s so inspiring to hear from the donors how Vlerick has impacted their lives. They really encourage us to chase our dreams.”