“A successful business school is first and foremost also a successful community”

“We are tremendously grateful for the support of that community to help us increase the societal impact the School has. To attract the best talent and to give them chances to infuse them with the Vlerick knowledge and the Vlerick spirit of entrepreneurship.

“We do that through the Vlerick Scholarship Fund, through the Dean's Fund and through the Student Entrepreneurship Fund.

“Through these, we can give chances to the next generation. And we are very grateful for the support of our Vlerick community in giving back to the next generation of Vlerick entrepreneurial talent.”

“In 5 years’ time, we envision Vlerick as being the epicentre of a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in the heart of Europe, our voice and impact reverberating across the world through our students, alumni, faculty and partners.”


“We can make Vlerick a true European gem !”


“Vlerick is led by a group of very dynamic, no-nonsense people who are working tirelessly to craft a really beautiful story. The involvement of each and every one of us is crucial to help the School spread its wings. Working together, we can make Vlerick a true European gem. My message is therefore very simple: even if it’s been a while since you graduated, get in touch with Vlerick again and contribute to this great story. Vlerick needs you. Take action, contact the School and show your gratitude. You are guaranteed to see an excellent return on the time and resources you invest.”

YES, I want to give back