We regard fundraising as a journey together with pioneers. From our initial ideas and tests back in 2017, we've explored and learned along the way. An overview of a few milestones so far.


The idea of three funds

How can we embed fundraising in the the School's overall strategy, as a leverage for entrepreneurial and societal impact? The idea of three funds is born.


A sweet spot

The idea of the Student Entrepreneurship Fund hits a sweet spot among the many successful entrepreneurs in the Vlerick community. Besides giving back, you also want to be inspired by the new generation of entrepreneurs. Bringing captains of industry, like alumnus Paul Bulcke from Nestlé, together with young entrepreneurial alumni sparks truly engaging interactions.


How can we give back?

Thanks to the support of friends of Vlerick like Leo Van Tuyckom, a fundraising community comes to life during the many events we organise. The question is raised and gets louder: how can we, as potential donors, give something back to the School?


Beyond the Vlerick community

The purpose of our fundraising also resonates with people from outside the Vlerick community. Artist Arne Quinze welcomes a group of donors to his house and is happy to have a piece of his art auctioned. The proceeds go to the Vlerick Scholarship Fund.


Reconnecting with international alumni

International alumni, like Eric, Jeroen, Nick and Laura in New York, really want to reconnect. After all these years, they still have a warm heart for the School and want to give back in some way or another.


First scholarships from fundraising

Some students achieve an excellent GMAT score or have tangible ideas for setting up their own business. They get an extra financial push from the Vlerick Scholarship Fund to live their dream.


Launch of the Student Entrepreneurship Fund

During the opening of the academic year, the Student Entrepreneurship Fund (SEF) is officially launched. Thanks to the SEF, young entrepreneurs get support in the pilot phase of their start-up. A big “thank you” to all our sponsors.


First SEF Pitch

The SEF immediately kicks off. During the first SEF Pitch, four grants totalling €60,000 are awarded to alumni who want to scale up their venture. One of the winners is Claire Tobback, who is rethinking retail with Collectique.


Set the bar higher

The impact of the grants from you, pioneers, is huge. But it’s just the beginning. New initiatives, such as 20for20 investing in female leaders, see the light of day. Conny Vandendriessche walks the talk of diversity.