Give root to entrepreneurs


Give opportunities to bright minds


Give back to your school

“At Vlerick, I translated my gut feeling into entrepreneurial science”

Wim Ballieu of Balls & Glory, the restaurants that serve

handcrafted meat and vegetarian balls.

Setting up your own business, as Wim did in 2012, takes guts. But if you want to succeed, it takes just as much knowledge, guidance and openness towards others and the world.

At Vlerick, we provide that entrepreneurial environment. But we want to take our student entrepreneurs one step further with the Student Entrepreneurship Fund. The aim of the Fund is:

  • to develop proof-of-concepts to convince early customers, investors or other stakeholders
  • to build early-stage prototypes
  • to hire expert advice
  • to pay fees for accelerators.

“Blend management skills with insights into industries that are close to my heart”

Gugu Chavarika, MBA student and passionate about digitisation, female leadership and women in finance. She also founded DigitalNativesAfrica.com.   

Vlerick seeks to attract top talent, like Gugu. The next generation of entrepreneurial gamechangers whose ideas and actions spread far and transform people’s lives around the world.

Unfortunately, not every top-notch student has the financial resources to access an MBA or Masters programme.

Currently, we provide €200,000 in support from the Scholarship Fund every year. By 2023, our goal is to increase our ability to provide financial aid to €500,000 to fully or partially endow students.

Scholarships are based on merit – looking at both academic excellence and personal and professional achievements – as well as the candidates' personal need or professional background.

“Remain relevant in an increasingly competitive landscape”

Marion Debruyne, Vlerick Dean

True to our founder, André Vlerick, we believe in developing young entrepreneurial changemakers.

If we want to stay relevant for future changemakers, ‘good’ simply isn’t good enough. We need to excel. We therefore need to constantly challenge ourselves, innovate and invest.

And that takes guts, which is where the Dean’s Fund comes in. With that Fund we want:

  • to breathe new life into existing and new programmes that embody the Vlerick Learning Journey
  • to support faculty in their transformative research
  • to attract world-renowned international faculty
  • to invite acclaimed speakers who inspire the Vlerick community with innovative ideas.